How I work

What you can expect when you decide to work with me

  1. Video Call
    First we will have a video call to discuss your project. You explain your project to me and let me know where you need help. I will clearly tell you whether I am able to help you and under which conditions.
  2. Proposal
    Second you will receive a written proposal that summarizes the work, milestones, time frame, key metrics to measure success and of course the hourly rate that I charge.
  3. The work begins!
  4. Report
    If this is an ongoing relationship and not a well defined single project you will receive a quarterly report that will give you a condensed executive summary with everything you need to make your business decisions and to figure out your resource allocation.

What you should know about me

I don’t deal in lies. I do truth.

If I lack the necessary skills or competence for your project I will tell you exactly that.

If I think you should cut your spending on certain uneffective marketing activities, even if this means I earn less money, then I will tell you exactly that.

If you demand me to write copy that inflates your product to make it seem a lot better than it actually is, then I will not deliver. In the end this hurts your customer, your reputation and my principles.

If I don’t know whether an online marketing activity will produce positive results, I will tell you that and suggest to do a test and let the numbers speak.

If you are not willing to put your good name on the line for your project then I will not work for you.

The more you try to micro manage my work the worse the result will be. With all professionals you should specify the result and milestones and then leave them alone.