Online Marketing Strategy

I plan and sketch out a simple but effective online marketing strategy for your business. It is a a document that gives you the whole plan at one glance. Every important moving cog is in there together with the metrics that matter. It is both a road map and a tool to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing activities. After all you need to know which tactics are profitable and which are not. This requires a measured and consistent process.

Web Design & Development

I design and develop business websites with a focus on search engine optimization and conversions. That means that the websites I create load very fast, look professional and come with a well defined goal for each single page. And because your business needs to keep a low overhead, my websites are easy to manage and do not require constant maintenance updates. (That’s why I usually do not use Wordpress. I prefer a more obscure system with a dedicated support team which also makes it much safer than the popular and thus often attacked Wordpress system.)

Search Engine Optimization (On-Page SEO)

I optimize your website to help you rank well in the major search engines. If you think that this only includes some content and meta tags with keywords then you are wrong. In most cases it requires rewriting the whole website code to make it clean, semantically sound and lightning fast. All the superfluous code has to go. I would rather present you with a clean and simple - attractive nonetheless - website that performs well and achieves your business goals than sell you a state of the art flashy website that incorporates all the new gadgets and latest animations to blow you from your chair with excitement. At first you might be impressed by the result that your big brand agency delivered. But in the end it is not your opinion of your own website that matters. At the end of the year it is your bottom line that matters. And that is a matter of opinion of your customers. They might not share your excitement of the amazing animations that take too long to load on their smartphones. But they will appreciate a fast loading, mobile optimized, easy to read website. Thus they stick around and that will make you rank well and attract even more customers.

Paid Traffic , in particular Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

If you can make Paid Traffic work then this is a great way to find a lot of new customers very fast, limited only by the amount of search volume for your service or product. But it can also be a great way to burn a lot of money in a short amount of time. I can help you take the first route. But I am honest. I cannot guarantee success with this tactic. However I can increase the odds for you to create profitable campaigns by taking a methodical approach. It depends a lot on your type of business and your position in the market.

Content Management & Creation

It actually takes a lot of time to become efficient at publishing content on your website. Before you publish content, you have to write it, edit it, proof read it, find or make suitable images then format them, plug it all into the website system and hit publish. Then you might also want to publish excerpts on your various social media sites. I am efficient and I can help you at any stage of this process. It is like having your own editorial office but at a reasonable hourly rate on a need-to-use basis.

Project Coordination

If you are a medium sized business you probably have several people working on your online marketing activities. Maybe you have your in-house social media intern, a freelancer photographer who is doing your product photography, an IT guy running the server and an agency who is responsible for your corporate design. To have a great performing online marketing strategy you need all those players to work together effciently and effectively. I can help you coordinate your online marketing activities, keep everyone accountable and give you the feedback you need to make your strategic decisions.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate programs can be a great way to open up new traffic sources that might otherwise stay untapped. If your product or service lends itself to this kind of marketing I would urge you to try it out. Get in touch if you want to discuss whether this makes sense for your business. If so I can help you set up the systems, acquire affiliate partners and make them happy so that they keep sending you new customers.

Analytics & Reporting

This is what many agencies and freelancers in the online marketing get totally wrong. Some have really impressive slides with charts (that all point to the right and up) and some guide you in an unstructured way through their analytics software, rank tracker and keyword research tool, flooding you with data points and technical language. In both cases you are being left in the dark on whether you should sign the contract renewal, cut the funding for certain activities or double down on others. I know that you have limited time and ressources and need a good report on which you can base your decisions and resource allocation. Therefore I will provide you with a quarterly executive summary of all your online marketing activities - in plain English without technical vocabulary when possible or with explanations when unavoidable, reduced to the most important metrics that allow you to see the trend and effectiveness of your current resource allocation.